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Slow living and mental wellbeing.

I would say that slow living is a concept that I benefit from following which improves my perception and experience of stress and anxiety greatly. It's an ethos I tend to come back to whenever I find myself in times of uncertantiy or stress, which I find myself in more time than not recently. Exacerbated by the global pandemic that is Covid-19 I find it important that I incorporate reflective practices, such as meditation, whenever necessary. This involves me taking a break from whatever task I am doing, usually university work, and analysing how I am feeling. Although that is a brief overview, it changes from time to time the personal practices I go through but I find they revolve around a reflective activity.

Through the concept of ‘emotional shelter’, I aim to promote slow living through my creative work by creating a space which encourages the user to perform reflective practices. These practices include reflecting on the choices we make on how we spend our time, specifically by thinking about the ways we use our digital devices. I also want this space to be used to practice meditation style techniques, such as breathing exercises and a place to become relaxed and encourage “small acts of slowness”. Sometimes physically removing yourself from your surroundings is not achievable, therefore the physical piece of work is there to serve as a reminder to the user to perform the reflective practices; as well as being able to tangibly interact with it. It is important for the user to be able to interact with this functional piece which will facilitate and encourage them to step back and reflect. This object will shroud your view within a busy space to emulate the experience of being alone with yourself and your thoughts. We don’t necessarily need a physical object to help us do this, but the act of stepping into a space serves as a metaphor for this.

Manchester, UK

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